Zoom Voiceover Workshops


Beginning VO – 6 Week Course

(Zoom, in-person workshops for adults ages 18-99)

*Note our sessions for kids 7-17 are on this page.

Fall Programs:
Mondays, October 12 – November 16
Wednesdays, October 28 – December 2


Location: Online through Zoom

This 6 week class is great for beginners.

You will learn about:

  • What agents and clients expect you to know
  • Niches- including animation, commercial, and audio-books
  • Auditioning and editing from your home studio
  • How to bring your text to life
  • Demystifying demo reels
  • A fun and easy approach to creating character voices
  • The ever-changing business of voice-over
It’s an intense hands-on class and you will take away skills you can use right away.

Payment plans accepted.



Acting for VO

Mondays, starting Sept. 21st


If you want to succeed in any of the voiceover niches, you need to know how to act. There are no “good” or “bad” voices — just good or bad actors. Come learn how to book jobs by improving your ability to act.

Payment plans accepted.



VO II – 6 Week Course


Fall Program:

Tuesdays, October 20 – November 24

Location: Online through Zoom
Great workshop for students with some experience who want to learn more.  We will continue to work on personalization, good/thing bad/thing, lists and more techniques, but we will focus on advanced copy including long-form narration, medical narration, audiobook work, animation scenes and challenging video game characters.

We recommend you take Beginning VO before taking this class.  However, if you have some experience, contact us and it may be a good fit.

It’s an intense hands-on class and you will take away skills you can use right away.

Payment plans accepted.


VO III – Find your niche on the mic

Thursdays, October 8 – October 22

Mondays, November 23 – December 7



Location: Online through Zoom

Ready to discover where your voice belongs in the VO industry? In this 3 week class we will do some intensive mic work to hone your voice to find where your strengths lie in the wide VO marketplace.

Audiobook 6 Week Intensive 

Wednesdays, September 23 – October 21
Thursdays, November 5 – December 7


Location: Online through Zoom

Are you interested in the world of audiobook narration? It’s a niche almost completely separate from the rest of the voice-over word and it’s growing exponentially. In this six week class, you will learn how to voice long-form narration, how to contact publishers and amazon.com (ACX.com), how to create an audiobook demo. This class will cover best practices in long-form narration, how to create multiple characters (and keep track of them), how to create a “punch” edit and how to edit a full book.  We will also talk about home studios and the time commitment to narrate an audiobook.

Payment plans accepted.


D&D Character VoiceBuilding and Storytelling for Dungeon Masters

Mondays, September 21- October 12 *No class on Sept 28th 


Learn how to create hundreds of characters for your games. We will cover how to change the shape of your mouth (using your articulators), pitch, sizes and speeds, and more. We will also cover how to learn dialects, accents and how to combine accents to create one just from your world. Learn how to voice female, male, gender-fluid voices. 

We will also cover best practices for storytelling and how to create tension in your narration.