Kids VO Programs – 2020

SVA Kid’s Online Academy and Online Summer Camps

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SVA has a new program for families who need help! SVA Kid’s Academy. Camps run for two weeks and start every Monday. Ages 7-17. 90-minutes to 3 hours depending on age.  Camps are affordable and payment plans are offered. Only 12 kids per camp! Small and incredibly fun.

 NOTE! You can live anywhere and attend these camps. We will offer all of our camps exclusively online for the next 12-18 months. 

Voiceover for Teens (13-17)

Have a blast learning all about the wacky world of voiceover! These online camps allow kids to learn on Zoom with voice actors. Animation scripts, video game scripts, commercial scripts and more! All you need is a computer with an internal mic. If you have audio gear, we can use that too! All families will receive a recording of each class to enjoy all the voices that the kids will create!

Cost: $200

M,W,F 1PM – 3PM  

June 1 – June 12

Video Game Voiceover for Teens (13-18)

Love video games? Learn what it takes to voice players in the game. Learn how to voice punches, kicks, deaths and more. This camp explores all kinds of games and how to change your style to match!

Cost: $250

M,W,F 1PM – 3:30PM

June 22 – July 3

July 6 – July 17

July 20 – July 31

Aug. 3 – Aug. 14

Aug. 17 – Aug. 28

Animation Voiceover Camp (8-12)

Scripts from your favorite shows! Learn how to voice crazy animation characters! This camp will immerse you in the world of voice acting and play pretend.

Cost: $250

M,W,F 9:30AM – 12PM

June 22 – July 3

July 6 – June 17

July 20 – July 31

Aug. 3 – Aug. 14th

Aug. 17 – Aug 28

Voiceover for Squirrel Age (7-12)

Come learn voiceover and play with us! We will be learning from animation scripts, video game scripts! Learn how to create over 100 characters on your own. This is a fast-paced, fun, online class. Seattle Voice Academy has been teaching online for years (with adults too) and we promise an amazing adventure!

Cost: $175

T,TH.  1PM – 2:30PM  

June 1 – 12

Karaoke Camp! (7-17)

Come and sing online with us. We’ll provide the music, you just need a kid who needs a creative outlet. Computer and mic is all that’s required. Songs will be family friendly and we’ll be discussing vocal technique and safety at the beginning of every session!

Cost: $175

M,W,F 3:30 – 5pm  

June 1 – 12

M,W,F 2PM – 3:30PM

June 22 – July 3

M,W,F 1PM – 2:30

July 6 – 17

July 20 – 31

Aug. 3 – Aug. 14

Aug. 17 – Aug. 28

Audiobook Narration – Write and Narrate Your Own Story (9-17)

This camp helps you write your own short story (so a little English class in there) and then you’ll learn how to voice the characters and narrate your very own audiobook. This course teaching writing, characterization, vocal performance skills and what makes an audiobook great!

Cost: $225

T,TH  9:30AM – 12:30AM

June 2 – June 11


June 16 – June 25

July 7 – July 16

July 21 – July 30

Aug. 4 – Aug. 13

Aug. 18 – Aug. 27

Dungeons and Dragons Online Camp (10-18)

Let your child be the hero of the day! Spend your summer exploring ancient dungeons, battling hordes of monsters, and unearthing magnificent treasures all from the safety of your own home. Our Dungeons & Dragons online summer camp will teach you all you need to know about playing the most popular roleplaying game of all time on-line with other people!

This class also includes a set of gaming dice!

Cost: $375

M,W,F 1PM – 3:30PM 

June 22 – July 10

July 13 – July 31

Aug. 3 – Aug. 21

*Added BONUS. All kids registered in online camps can also come drop in every other Friday night, giving you the night off! We’ll play games, enjoy fun scripts and let you have some much needed adult time!


For scholarships, please email:

Cost:  Between $200 and $175 for each camp. Camps run two weeks. Partial scholarships available.

Each paid workshop helps us scholarship another kid whose family cannot afford camp right now.

Register here:

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Ages: 7-17

Thank you!
As the owner of SVA, I have a 9-year old. So… we get it. Oh, we get it.

Private Coaching:

Click here to schedule 1:1 coaching sessions to learn Voiceover.

Cost: $45 for :30 minute session.

Click here to purchase a packages of 4 available too: $150.00.

All you need is a computer and internet. No need for expensive equipment or a home studio!! We’ll work on animation and video game scripts!

About your instructor:

Shana Pennington-Baird toured with the Missoula Children’s Theatre and has 25+ years working in theatre. She has worked with hundreds of kids through workshops at Studio East, MCT and Seattle Voice Academy.She is also homeschooling her 9-year old. So she knows kids need an outlet right now.

Note: We will have in-studio Kids Programs again as soon as we re-open our Georgetown studios.

Stay safe out there.

Demo Reels for Kids

We can produce professional demos when kids are ready. That said, know their voices are going to change, so we keep it as inexpensive as possible knowing you’ll have to do more in a couple of years. This cost covers the director, studio and sound design.