Kids VO Programs – 2020

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SVA has a new program for families who need help! SVA Kid’s Academy. Camps run for two  or three weeks and will start every Monday once we are at capacity for the current camps. Ages 7-18.

90-minutes to 3 hours depending on age.  Camps are affordable and payment plans are offered. Only 12 kids per camp! Small and incredibly fun.

Note- D&D Camps only have max 6 participants to keep the game moving along.

*As a bonus – kids enrolled in camp can join us every other Friday for a drop in VO night reading scripts with other kids. Date night for you! In the kitchen, or backyard, or somewhere… quiet.

 NOTE! You can live anywhere and attend these camps. We will offer all of our camps exclusively online for the next 12-18 months. 

Private Coaching:

Click here to schedule 1:1 coaching sessions to learn Voiceover.

Cost: $45 for :30 minute session.

Click here to purchase a packages of 4 available too: $150.00.

All you need is a computer and internet. No need for expensive equipment or a home studio!! We’ll work on animation and video game scripts!

About your instructor:

Shana Pennington-Baird toured with the Missoula Children’s Theatre and has 25+ years working in theatre. She has worked with hundreds of kids through workshops at Studio East, MCT and Seattle Voice Academy.She is also unexpectedly homeschooling her 9-year old. So she knows kids need an outlet right now.

Stay safe out there.

Demo Reels for Kids

We can produce professional demos when kids are ready. That said, know their voices are going to change, so we keep it as inexpensive as possible knowing you’ll have to do more in a couple of years. This cost covers the director, studio and sound design.