Company Overview

The Seattle Voice Academy began as the Seattle Voice Institute in 2015, and was rebranded the Seattle Voice Academy in 2018.

The Seattle Voice Academy trains voices in four areas:

  • Vocal health
  • Singing
  • Voice-over
  • Public speaking

Founded by Shana Pennington-Baird the company was built around an “ethics-first” tradition. The Seattle Voice Academy has brick and mortar recording studios, offers both in-person and online courses in singing and voiceover, and works one-on-one with individuals to improve vocal health, longevity and effectiveness of each individual’s unique voice.

Pulling directly from their professional theatre training within the United States and in Europe, the staff at the Seattle Voice Academy help students find their unique and individual voice using a collection of techniques that translate from the stage to the board room, behind the mic, or on a webinar.

In addition, during the past eight years, both the singing and voiceover world have faced significant disruption. For example, the advent of the USB mic, the availability of free recording software and the instant fame mindset created by television programs such as “The Voice.” The Seattle Voice Academy focuses on training students to find work in a continually changing landscape including: understanding online voiceover job sites, creating home recording studios, and avoiding “get rich quick” voiceover schemes.

The Seattle Voice Academy trains individuals to take full responsibility for their vocal health and training. Learning to effectively use their voice is critical to long-term vocal health. The human voice is part of our cultural fabric and part of our humanity. In a world surrounded by text messages, social media memes, and robotic voices, the voice is still humanity’s window to the soul.