At the Seattle Voice Academy we coach both beginners and professionals.

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Through both small classes and private coaching sessions, we can help you find greater resonance, increase pitch range and communicate more effectively.

Our instructors provide private instruction for acting, including audition prep, cold reading, and improvisation.


Shana Pennington-Baird has been singing and teaching in the Seattle area for more than 20 years.  With a history of musical theatre, including national tours, Shana focuses on safety first.  Breathing and support are the key elements of her private sessions.  Shana works with active professionals on audition prep and continuing education.  She also coaches teens and adults who have never tried singing before.  She is gentle, honest and helps students understand that singing is a full body sport.  Shana’s goal is to keep you singing for life.


The Seattle Voice Academy specializes in voiceover coaching.  We help you learn personalization; pitch, rate and speed; characterization and more.  We teach commercial vo, audiobook narration, medical narration, IVR/telephony, promo, political, narration, eLearning, video games and animation.  We also will help you stay current with the trends in the ever changing voiceover world.  We offer a combination of workshops and private coaching to help you achieve your goals.

We also produce affordable, quality demo reels.